• Federal Programs in 男同色情网

    CPS uses funds from Title I.A to support the educational needs of students. This funding serves as an intervention and provides support to economically deprived students who are at risk of performing below expected targets to allow them to achieve at high levels. Resources are provided on this site to guide families through CPS Title I.A Policies and Procedures, as well as to inform them of their rights and ways to become involved in supporting their student's educational progress.


  • Title I Staff Contact Information

    Cecilia Lee                                                                                                       Dr. Greg Caine, Sr.

    Secretary to Director of Federal Programs                                                   Director of Federal Programs

    Aslin Administration Building                                                                        Aslin Administration Building

    573-214-3915                                                                                               573-214-3915

    clee@cpsk12.org                                                                                          gcaine@cpsk12.org