Cashew Nuts


Product:  Cashew Nuts
Botanical Name:  Anacardium Occidentale
Type:  | Whole | Split | Broken |
Counts/Once  | 180 | 210 | 240 | 320 | 450 | 
Packing:  | 10 Kg | 15 Kg | 25 Kg | 50 LBS or As Per Client Requirement.
Packing Type:  | Vacuum | Box | Tin Packing or As Per Client Requirement.
Stuffing Capacity:  15 to 18 MT In 01 x 20” Feet Container & 25 MT In 01 x 40” Feet Container.
Availability:  Whole Year

Cashews Originate As Cashew Fruits; The Shell Of The Fruit Is Taken Off And The Thin Skin Peeled Off From The Nut Inside Before We Get The Kernels, We Call Cashew Nuts. Thus, Raw Cashews Refer To The Cashew Fruits As They Appear On The Trees, And The Proper Term For Cashew Nuts Is Cashew Kernels.

The Cashew Nut Is A Popular Snack, And Its Rich Flavor Means That It Is Often Eaten On Its Own, Lightly Salted Or Sugared. Cashew Nuts Are Sold Covered In Chocolate, But Due To Their Higher Price Compared To Peanuts And Almonds, Cashews Are Not As Common In Candy Except From Higher Quality Manufacturers.

The Cashew Nut Kernel Is Constituted Of Three Different Portions - The Shell, The Kernel And The Adhering Testa. The Primary Product Of Cashew Nuts Is The Kernel, Which Is The Edible Portion Of The Nut And Is Consumed In Three Ways:

Directly By The Consumer; As Roasted And Salted Nuts; In Confectionery And Bakery Products, For Example, Finely Chopped Kernels Are Used In The Production Of Sweets, Ice Creams, Cakes And Chocolates, Both At Home And Industrially, And As Paste To Spread On Bread.

Cashew Nuts Are Significant Sources Of Iron (Essential For Red Blood Cell Function And Enzyme Activity), Magnesium (Promotes Energy Release And Bone Growth), Phosphorus (Builds Bones And Teeth), Zinc (Essential To Digestion And Metabolism) And Selenium (Has Important Antioxidant Properties, Thus Protecting The Body From Cancer). These Nuts Are Also Good Sources Of Protein. In Comparison To Other Tree Nuts, Cashew Nuts Have A Lower Fat Content. They Are Also, Like All Other Tree Nuts, Cholesterol Free.

Cashew Nuts Also Contain Significant Amounts Of Phytochemicals With Antioxidant Properties That Protects The Body From Cancer And Heart Disease.

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