Product:  Raisins
Botanical Name:  Vitis Vinifera
Qualities:  | Golden | Green | Malyar | Black | Brown | SR | 
Grade:  | A | AA | AAA | Long | Round | Jumbo | Semi Jumbo | 
Type:  | Machine Clean | Sortex Clean | 
Packing:  | 05 Kg | 10 Kg | 15 Kg | or As Per Client Requirement.
Packing Type:  | Box Packing | or As Per Client Requirement.
Stuffing Capacity:  17 to 18 MT In 01 x 20” Feet Container & 26 MT In 01 x 40” Feet Container.
Harvesting Period:   | January | February | March | 

When Most Fruits Are Dried, They Keep Their Same Name, But Not The Grape. The Dried Form Of The Grape, Revered Throughout History, Has Its Own Unique Name - The Raisin. A Raisin Is A Dried Grape. Raisins Are Produced In Many Regions Of The World And May Be Eaten Raw Or Used In Cooking, Baking And Brewing.

The Size Of Small Pebbles, Raisins Have Wrinkled Skin Surrounding Chewy Flesh That Tastes Like A Burst Of Sugary Sweetness. While The Colors Of Raisins Vary, They Are Generally Deep Brown In Color, Oftentimes With Hints Of A Purple Hue.

Raisins Are Sweet, Succulent, Dried, Seeded Or Seedless Grapes. The Term ‘Raisin’ Also Refers To Currants And Sultanas As Well As Any Other Form Of Dried Grape. Raisins Can Vary In Size And Are Green, Golden, Brown Or Dark, Depending On The Grape Variety Used And The Method Of Drying.

We Take Special Care In Uniform Sizing, Sorting & Removal Of Stem. Care Is Taken The Final Product Comprises Of Juicy And Fully Matured Berries.

Raisins Are One Of The Most Sought-After Items Used In The Confectionary. We Source The Products From Nasik And Sangli Regions Of Maharashtra We Trade In Two Varieties Of Raisins Namely Golden /Yellow Raisin Used In Sweets And Malayar A Raisin Which Is Brown In Color And Is Used In Bakery Products.

Features :
  • Available Throughout The Year
  • High In Nutritional Value
  • Treated With Ethyloleate & Pottasium Carbonate
  • Prepared From Superior & Seedless Thompson And Sonaka Grapes

  • Having Antioxidant Properties, Raisins Help Keep The Blood Clean & Flowing, By Getting Rid Of All The Impurities.
  • Raisins Are Believed To Be Good For Bone Density And Have Been Associated With Lower Risk Of Osteoporosis In Women
  • The Phytonutrients & Olenolic Acid Present In Raisins Makes Them Beneficial For The Health Of Teeth And Gums.
  • Raisins Are Good For Eyes And Have Been Found To Be Helpful In Prevention Of Macular Degeneration.
  • Studies Claim That Raisins Contain Additional Nutritive Compounds That Can Protect Against Heart Disease And Colon Cancer.
  • Raisins Contain Considerable Amount Of Iron Which Directly Helps Treating Anemia. It Also Contains Many Members Of The Vitamin-B Complex Which Are Essential For Formation Of Blood. Copper In Them Also Help Formation Of Red Blood Cells.
  • Phenolic Phytonutrients, Well Known For Their Germicidal, Anti Biotic And Anti Oxidant Properties, Are Present In Abundance In Raisins And Help Cure Fever By Fighting Viral And Bacterial Infections. They Are Very Good For Ocular Health, As They Protect Eyes From Damages Caused By Free Radicals (Oxidants), Such As Macular Degeneration, Age Related Weakening Of Vision, Cataract Etc
  • Raisins Are Also One Of The Best Sources Of Boron, A Micro Nutrient (A Nutrient Required By The Body In Very Small Amount As Compared To Other Nutrients) Which Is Very Necessary For Proper Bone Formation And Absorption Of Calcium.
  • Catechin, A Phenolic Anti Oxidant Present In Raisins, Is Very Effective For Prevention Of Tumor & Cancer Of Colon.
  • Oleanolic Acid, One Of The Phytochemicals Present In Raisins, Plays Crucial Role In Protecting Your Teeth Against Tooth Decay, Cavities, Brittleness Of Teeth Etc.
  • Eating Gin-Soaked Raisins For Arthritis Is Often Touted As A Natural “Cure” Or An Effective Folk Remedy For Arthritis Pain.
  • They Can Be Enjoyed As A Snack, All Alone Without Any Additions.
  • Sprinkle Over To Enrich Fruit Salads And Ice Creams, Desserts...Etc.
  • Add To Bakery Items Like Chocolates, Cookies, Muffins, Bread, Puddings, Biscuits, Cakes, Waffles...Etc.


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