Natural Sesame Seeds


Product:  Natural White Sesame Seeds
Botanical Name:  Sesamum Indicum
Type:  Machine Clean & Sortex Clean
Purity:  99.1.1 | 99.50% | 99.90% | 99.95% | 99.97% |
Packing:  10 Kg | 15 Kg | 25 Kg | 50 Kg & 50 LBS or As Per Client Requirement.
Stuffing Capacity:  18 to 19 MT In 01 x 20” Feet Container & 26 MT In 01 x 40” Feet Container.
Harvesting Period:  April | May | September | October |

Sesame seeds is one of the oldest oil plants Cultivated both in India and Africa. It spread very Early to China, Japan and to the Mediterranean Countries. Sesame plant is an annual plant, whose seeds as well as leaves can be eaten and used, Sesame seed is used in various forms, even in making of vines and beverages and sweet dishes, the sesame seeds are ground and processed to make various snacks all over the world. White Sesame Seeds are hulled seeds and are the most popular type to use in cooking; SESAME SEEDS from Gujarat state is widely preferred due to its uniform color and bold size. It is Natural White, Black, Brown, Golden and Crushing Quality in variety of grades Available as per buyer requirements to assure quality and safe food standards.

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