Product:  Cloves
 Botanical Name:  Syzygium Aromaticum
 Type:  | CG1 | CG2 | CG3 | Machine & Handpicked
 Packing:  10 Kg | 15 Kg | 25 Kg | 50 Kg & 50 LBS or As Per Client Requirement.
 Packing Type:  | Paper Bags | PP Bags | Jute Bags | or As Per Client Requirement.
 Stuffing Capacity:  14 to 15 MT In 01 x 20” Feet Container & 25 MT In 01 x 40” Feet Container. 
 Harvesting Period:  | January | December | 

The Word Clove Is Derived From The Word Clou Which Means Nail. It Is Aromatic Flower Of The Flower Buds Of A Tree In The Family Myrtaceae. It Is Used As Spice In Cuisine All Over The World. It Originates From India. Clove Tree Is A Evergreen Tree Whose Height Ranges From 10-20 M. Apart From Being Used In Cuisine, Natural Clove Is Also Used In Other Industries For Its Medicinal Use And Therapeutic Value.

Clove Is One Of The Oldest Spices In The World, Is The Dried, Unopened Flower Bud Of A Small Evergreen Tree. It Is Indigenous To The Moluccas Islands Of Indonesia. In India, Cloves Come From Mercara In Karnataka, And Kerala. Cloves Both Whole And Ground Are Used In Baked Goods, Cakes, Confectionery, Chocolate, Puddings, Desserts, Sweets, Syrups, Preserves , Etc.

The Tree Grows To A Height Of 8-10 Meters And Starts Flowering In About 6 Years.
It Is A Valuable Spice Of The Orient. Its Clusters Are Plucked By Hand When The Buds Are Fully Developed With A Pronounced Pink Flush And Then Dried Over Several Days In The Sun. Unopened Flower Buds, Leaves, And Stalks Yield The Essential Oil.

Clove Is Used For Flavouring Curries, Gravies, Pickles, Ketchup And Sauces, Spice Mixtures And Pickling Spices. Clove Goes Mainly As An Ingredient In Beverages, Medicines, Cosmetics, Perfumery And Toiletries. It Has Powerful Local Antiseptic And Mild Anaesthetic Actions. It Has Been Discovered That Like Many Spices, Clove Contains Antioxidants Which Help Prevent The Cell Damage That Scientists Believe Eventually Causes Cancer. Cloves Are Also Used As An Ingredient In Many Toothpastes And Mouth Washes.


The Plant Is Indigenous To North Molucca Islands Of Indonesia. It Is Also Grown In Zanzibar, Madagascar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka And India. The Tree Prefers Well Drained Rich Soil With Sufficient Soil Moisture Throughout The Year. High Atmospheric Temperature (25 To 35 Degree C) With Heavy Sun Light, Good And Well-Distributed Rainfall (Above 150 Cm) And High Humidity (Above 70%) Are Preferred.


The Use Of Clove In Whole Or Ground Form Is Mainly For Culinary Purposes And As A Flavouring Agent In Food Industry. Its Flavour Blends Well With Both Sweet And Savory Dishes. It Is Highly Valued In Medicine As Carminative, Aromatic And Stimulant. In Indonesia, The Lion Share Of Production Is Consumed In Production Of ‘Kretek’ Cigarettes. The Antiseptic And Antibiotic Properties Of Clove Oil Are Used In Medicine Especially In Dentistry, Oral And Pharyngeal Treatments. It Has Wider Applications In Preparations Of Toothpaste And Mouthwashes, Soaps And Perfumes. It Is Also Reported To Help Diabetics In Sugar Assimilations.


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Arabic : Kabsh ,Qarunfil Chinese : Ding xiang French : Clou de girofle Indonesian : Cengkeh German : Nelke

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