Coriander Seeds


 Product:  Coriander Seeds
 Botanical Name:  Coriandrum Sativum L (Cilantro)
 Type:  Eagle | Scooter Single Parrot | Double Parrot | Machine Clean & Sortex Clean |
 Purity:  97% | 98% | 99% | 99.50% | Whole & Split Both Available
 Packing:  10 Kg | 15 Kg | 25 Kg | 50 Kg & 50 LBS or As Per Client Requirement.
 Stuffing Capacity:  10 to 11 MT In 01 x 20” Feet Container & 20 to 22 MT In 01 x 40” Feet Container. 
 Harvesting Period:  | February | March | 

Fresh Coriander Seeds has plenty of benefits and uses. They are available at high favorable prices with leading Coriander Seeds Exporters. Being prominent Fresh Coriander Seeds Exporters, we are selling our products in different packaging as per industry needs and requirements.

Coriander Seeds Benefits & Uses:

  • They are good to add fresh and different flavors to food
  • They have wonderful nutritional value and mineral content
  • It boosts up overall health and stamina of an individual
  • It has remarkable tendency for treating intestinal and gastric pain
  • Fresh coriander seeds are beneficial for skin also
  • It is widely flavoring agent in food industry and suitable to add pleasant aroma and flavor to food items.
  • Coriander Seeds are also good to be used inside sausages, baking, candies, pickles, soups etc.
  • Coriander seeds have medicinal benefits too for boosting up your overall health and stamina level. It has wonderful tendency for treating gastric and intestinal pain.
  • It can also be used externally as body lotion or skin treatments. The oil prepared using coriander seeds is bactericidal and fungicidal.
  • Coriander seeds exporters are selling high quality seeds at most suitable prices. To know more on Coriander seeds exporters and our custom range, kindly contact us.
  • It can be used as food agent to give distinct flavor to dishes
  • It is used along with domestic and international dishes to prepare cuisines
  • It is brown in color and crushed properly to use along with food items
  • It can be used as body lotion for nourishing skin
  • It is usually used as health booster to maintain your overall health and stamina
  • Coriander Seeds has wonderful medicinal benefits and able to treat almost everything if used regularly in daily diet. Actually, when we talk about Indian kitchen, Coriander seeds are easily available and used in almost every dish for good flavor and color. In most of the cases, it is used in dried form by Indian women and usually taken from reputed coriander seeds exporters only.

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