Fennel Seeds


 Product:  Fennel Seeds
 Botanical Name:  Foeniculum Vulgare
 Type:  | Singapore | Europe | Colombo | USA |
 Purity:  | 98% | 99% | 99.50% | Machine Clean & Sortex Clean |
 Packing:  10 Kg | 15 Kg | 25 Kg | 50 Kg & 50 LBS or As Per Client Requirement.
 Stuffing Capacity:  13 to 14 MT In 01 x 20” Feet Container & 26 MT In 01 x 40” Feet Container. 
 Harvesting Period:  | February | March | 

India Is The World’s Largest Producer Of Fennel Seeds. Fennel Seeds Are Known For Their Cool, Refreshing Taste. In India Consumption Of Fennel Seed Increases In The Month Of March To June. These Days Are Generally Hot, And Fennel Seeds Contains Cool & Refreshner Taste. Indians Have A Royal Choice Of Having Sarbat Of Fennel Seeds Which Helps To Bear, Unbearable Hot Climate. Well Known As Sauff. Indian Fennel Is Used In Food, Medicines, Liquors, Perfumery, Also Exported In The Form Including Seeds, Powder & Volatile Oil. They Have A Dominant Space In The Indian Kitchen. They Are Consumed After Food And Are Commonly Referred As Saunf. Fennel Seeds Have A Natural Minty Flavor Because Of Which They Are Popular As Natural Mouth Fresheners. Organic Products India Are One Of The Leading Fennel Seeds Manufacturers, Suppliers And Exporters Throughout The World. We Are Engaged In Offering Optimum Quality Green Fennel Seeds With Good Essential Oil Contents. The Fennels Range Has Been Used For Centuries As A Culinary Spice And Their Extracts As Flavorings. After Meals, They Are Used To Prevent Gas And Upset Stomach. The Seeds Are Also Used In Latin America To Increase The Flow Of Breast Milk. In Some Regions Of Italy, Fennel Seeds Are Still Used Today In Sausage Making.

Fennel Seeds Benefits & Uses:

  • When it comes to fennel seeds benefits, fennel seeds nutritional facts, there is plenty of thoughts to discuss. Let us have a close look over it.
  • Fennel seeds India is medicinal herb having many medicinal benefits that makes you overall fit and healthy.
  • The fennel seeds are good to treat joint pains, cough, sore throats, and bronchitis and also helps in curing body pain.
  • The seeds have pleasant aroma and can be used inside food dishes to give distinct taste and flavor. They can also be used to make pickles.
  • Fennel seeds in India are popular during cooking and can be used for garnishing salads too.
  • Further it is used along with soups, sauces, puddings etc and generally available with popular seeds exporters around.
  • When fennel seeds are dried, they can be used to make medicines to make you healthy and fit. Fennel seed nutrition facts can help for treating Gas and chronic coughs.
  • Fennel seeds are preferred when you have any digestion problem and can be used for treating stomach related problems.
  • Fennel seeds and Caraway seeds have main benefits is that It improves vision and considered as an antidote for poison. To know more on fennel seeds exporters in India and their custom range, kindly contact us right away.
  • They are used for cooking food or can also be used for garnishing salad.
  • It is used generally inside soups, sauces, puddings etc.
  • Dry and crush it properly to use along with medicines
  • It can be used for treating stomach pain and allergies
  • Recently, according to a research, fennel seeds India are natural resource for skin nourishment and other skin problems. This is the reason consumption of fennel seeds have become so frequent in India and global market. Alongside, popularity of fennel seeds exporters has also increased in last few years.

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